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We want to keep these stories up front and center for you, so any time you need inspiration, you can remember back to what these guys achieved, and picture the change it would make in your life.

Anne’s Story…

“I just made my first income online generated by my own efforts. YAY! What’s more I accomplished this within 3 hours after I started. Once I heard Sara talking about her methods on a webinar, I knew I needed to join and learn from her”

Albert’s Story…

I don’t mind if you share this. I have been making over $150 a week from those websites since that week you send the webinar replay and I have made over $500. I’m sure I’ll make over $600 this month alone because this is the fourth week.


Marek’s Story…

At the moment I make $5-6k a month working only 10-15 hours a week on my online business. I still have a day job but I’m going to quit it in a few months to have more time to further grow my business and enjoy life. I am from Poland and English is my second language but the right training and relentless execution helped me to make more than $50k online in 2015. I’m looking forward to any future A. Hansen’s training and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start making money online.”

Thanks to online income I paid all my debts, I was able to take my family on a great holliday, I’m buying more stuff I always wanted, but also I’m able to donate to charities. I still have my day job but I’m going to quit it before summer and take a long holliday travelling through Europe. It’s definitely better to watch your savings growing instead your credit cards balances :)”


Chris’s Story…

“Traffic continued to grow, although not in a linear way… there have been a few large bumps lasting several days which scared the hell out of me! With traffic, monthly commissions started to climb as well growing every single month, surpassing $2,000 in May, $8,000 in July, $10,000 in September, to reach $24’890.22 for the month of January 2016 alone. And while I’m writing this, February is off to another record month!

Needless to say, this is a life changer. Although it was paying very well, I left my finance job and today I can live a very exciting life. I’m not a big spender and I’m not buying flashy stuff I couldn’t afford before, so for me the big change is in the degree of freedom I have now. I don’t have to be in the office stuck in endless meetings with annoying people, and worrying about sales targets and bonuses and other stressful things. I’m just my own boss and I can work whenever I want. I can spend so much time with my wife and our two little kids and we can just pack up and go anywhere anytime without worries. We just spent one full month travelling around New Zealand and Australia and with a simple smartphone I could monitor everything, spending maybe 10 minutes a day (because I like it). I really feel 100% in control of my life and it’s a wonderful feeling!

Since this site is virtually on autopilot (for real, not like the sleazy Internet Marketers love to tell us), I’m now spending most of my work time enhancing the content, exploring other revenue possibilities and building other sites which hopefully will provide even more income and most importantly stability. I treasure what I learned from Andrew and Alex during the program and I’m grateful for their honesty and care towards the students. I really hope you all will succeed as well!”