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And it even resulted in the CPA account manager congratulating him 😛

This training could be considered a bit “advanced” but the truth is, once you get the hang of it… it’s insanely simple

With that being said, enjoy the post 🙂 Leave a comment if you have any questions

Hey guys, Alex here, with another tutorial for you guys. This time, we’re going to be doing something a bit different. I’m sure you all know of 301 redirects, and how powerful they were before the newest set of updates were rolled out. Most of you guys are used to spamming a 301, such as TinyURL, that just points to your money site, which doesn’t work like it used to.

Well, no need to worry. Today’s post is going to be on the structure that I’ve been using for months, even before the latest Penguin update, to rank higher and higher, every single day. The big picture here is that once you set the website and the method up, you just sit back, relax, and enjoy the rankings. Now, you can monetize with affiliate sites, splash pages, CPA sites, or anything else you want to rank and drive traffic to. Please note, this isn’t “guaranteed” per say, this method has worked for me in the past, but there is no “secret to ranking” (or I’d be #1 in garcinia cambogia right now :P).

What is it? Before we start, let me show you some proof:


AdWork Media Earning Graph


As you can see, the site started off on the bottom of page three on Google, earning close to nothing. As October progressed, the site was slowly climbing up, higher and higher, until reaching page one. Bottom of page one was achieved on the thirteenth of this month, and, ten days later, it’s sitting on page one, bringing in a pretty penny…


Earnings Overview


Compared to the last month, everything was the same: landing page, niche, website, and theme. Only difference? Rankings.

and if that’s not enough, I got a message from the owner of the network on the day the Penguin update was released (same day my site ranked #1)…


Dennis AIM Message


Excited? Well, you should be. Now, let’s cut to the chase and get to the method.



For this method, we’re going to need four domains. Now, I’m going to be purchasing .com domains, however, you can use cheaper alternatives, such as .pw ($3.98 on NameCheap currently) or .info, it is up to you. The domain extensions makes no difference in ranking. Now, make sure that your domains are somewhat relevant to your niche. I know that not all of you have a large budget right now, so we’ll be using .pw domains in this tutorial.

Let’s take “weight loss” for example, if that is your keyword, you should try to purchase domains like:





I went ahead and purchased these exact domains, for the sake of this tutorial. Now, the domains are now on my account. Again, I will be using NameCheap for this tutorial, so if you want to be able to follow this tutorial exactly, you should use them as well. Now, just navigate to your domains, and you should see your newly purchased domains.

NameCheap Domains

So, what now? Well, one of the domain names we’re not going to use until the very end. Take your pick, and now head on over to, a URL shortening service. I recommend creating an account, it only takes a few seconds, but it is not required. Now, just shorten the fourth domain, the one you picked earlier; it should look something like this: Shortened Link

Once you do that, you’re going to want to go to your NameCheap domain panel again, and click on the actual domain (it looks like a hyperlink), click on the arrows:

NameCheap Domains + Arrows

You’ll be brought to a page that looks like this. Now, let me clarify, we’re only doing this for the three domains that we’re using for the first 301 step (don’t include the one that you picked above and shortened). Again, this is what the page will look like:

NameCheap Dashboard

Click the URL Forwarding button (check the arrow), and you’ll be at a page that looks like this:

NameCheap Domain Settings

Just fill in the shortened URL that we got earlier for both of the boxes. The other boxes that are empty should not be worried about, NameCheap will automatically fill them for you.


As soon as you do that, complete it for the next two domains. Now, once you are done with those, you’re going to have to do the exact same thing for the last domain that was not used, but, the domain will be different. You will be adding a 301 redirect to the final domain, it will redirect to your money site.

Final Redirect

Now what? Well, now it’s time for the links. How? GSA Search Engine Ranker. Now, these are the exact settings that I use for GSA, and it’s what I recommend.

Before we do that, I’d like to mention that I was awarded “VIP” title, only GSA experts are invited (not paid, invite only) into this group by Sven, the creator of GSA. The project settings I use are the ones that you can rely on, so without further adieu, folks, here are my platforms used:

SER Platforms

Anchor text? We got you.


Those are the two main settings used, but if you want the full download, you can download the project here and edit it to your liking (includes some of my verified/submitted links and a keyword list, enjoy that added bonus): Download

These GSA links blasted to the first three 301 websites will not only act as a filter (think like a coffee filter between your main site) and stop all of the bad link juice, but preserve the good. Don’t have GSA? No need to worry. People are willing to do all of the hard work for you. How much? $5. Take your pick. Make sure that you request the provider to use the following settings used above (anchor text and platform wise), if you are unsure if they do so, just send them a message and ask.

If you guys have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below, we’re happy to help.


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